Friday, June 22, 2012

Know your footballer : Star in the making, Tam Sheang Tsung

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Brief about Him

3 years ago,i had reported a young prodigy Malaysian born who was hailed in Japan had impressed many people since made his grade into J-League. Dubbed as the next Kazuyashi Miura,one of Japan football legend due to he was selected to play with one of J-League club despite his tender age as 13 years old boy.

His CV

He has since,played for under 15 Yokohama FC when he was 13, was sent for training stints in Brazil and played for Sagan Tosu FC before he made into headlines by selected as one of 44 players of wealthy club Shanghai Shenghua. Being a 17 years old now, no doubt he will have a great future.

Tam Sheang Tsung with Nicolas Anelka during club signing ceremony

His future with Malaysia Football Team?

If you ask me really whether there is any chance by him to play for Malaysia,definitely i say forget it as we could losing him to Japan due to many reasons i have elaborated down here.

First of all, we need to know who had brought up this prodigy to football scenes. Do you know his talent was spotted first by Japanese Olympic Committee and Japanese Football Association (JFA) which surely enough his progress since then has been monitored closely by them now,more over when he is now played with Shanghai Shenhua coached by Nicolas Anelka (then coach was Jean Tigana).

Second reason, as footballer who hailed and grown up in Tokyo Japan sure he has put in his sight to play with multi-talented side and powerhouse of Asia, Japan rather than to play with minnows like Malaysia who ranked lowly in FIFA ranking. Who would blame him,dont u think the same?

Please do not misunderstood my statement here as it was not to undermine strength of our Malaysia football team but rather really to think into this youngster shoes. Besides, why he needs to play with a team who have not even qualified for World Cup rather than to play with Japan who recently never missed to play in the prestigious tournament in the world? If you were him, 100% the answer is JAPAN. Lets put aside patriotism sentiment as i doubt if you were hailed and grown up for 17 years old in Japan would know such patriotic toward your parents' native country.

Third reason, FAM are stupid and slow! I have had reported this since 3 years ago,and JFA had spotted him since many years earlier than me but there was no action even taken by arrogant FAM. You know their answers,would not you? We are the champs,said FAM. Yeah you are right,so right! i replied back.

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