Monday, September 10, 2012

Khyril Muhaimeen,another player for Europe's ambition?

Khyril Muhaimeen or known as KM18 by his fans due to his jersey number he worn with Kedah has been invited by the same agent who brought Nazmi Faiz playing in Europe.

The 25 year old player undoubtedly is at his penultimate when he emerged as the leading scorer of his team this season (10 goals in Super League and 4 goals in Malaysia Cup) can play anywhere in attacking position, either as forward or as a winger. He was first known as right winger who has darted run in the flank and ability to run into the opposition.

A source close of him has confirmed about this news but the fact KM18 also has attracted few Malaysian clubs as well as 2 Indonesian club after his current club was relegated to the 2nd tier of Malaysian League football.

Meanwhile for KM18 himself reportedly does not set his sights to play other than his club Kedah and this also added with reason to stay close with his ailing mother from breast cancer who needs frequent visits to the hospital.

Watch below videos of goals scored by KM18 taken from youtube,credit to the source.

KM18 scored a brace against Terengganu in Malaysia Cup

KM18 beat 4 players before netting the ball past national goalkeeper,Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.

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