Friday, September 14, 2012

MALAYSIA 0-2 Vietnam

Vietnam showed the determination to win the game since the very first of minute and almost to get their first goal in 4th minute when their right winger made in swing low crosses which almost caught our goal keeper Farizal Marlias. Vietnam slowly hold the game with their usual attacking flair, neat and short passes for almost everywhere like this was their training session while our players stood still and no intention to challenge them nor close the open space from letting the Vietnam break through our defence line.

Vietnam neat passes made our hard tacklers Gary Steven Robbat was just like their shadows and finally he was substituted with Mahali Jasuli in the early second half. Safiq in this match was not industrialised like we used to know. Rajagobal should think another player either to partner with him or as an alternative if Safiq was in his bad day. Names like Piya (Badri Radzi) always come out my mind when thinking of this!
It was disappointing game as well from both wingers, Christie Jeyaseelan and Wan Zack who could not penetrate Vietnam from the flank. It may be forgiven for Christie who was at the wrong time being fielded against Vietnam to have his 1st cap but for Wan Zack, there was no reason for him to have that dismal performance who was substituted by wily Azamuddin Akil or also known as Alex before first half closed the curtain. Unluckily too to Zaquan Adha who was ineffective, a usual face in Rajagobal's striking force but just made a comeback  from long injury and played as starter in this game.

Malaysia could not have their chance to dictate the game not even with Safiq Rahim in the team and they were not even able to do any harm to Vietnam during first half. The only chance for Malaysia was when we were rewarded an indirect free kick in Vietnam penalty box when their keeper been punished for delaying the goal kick. The same free kick where Singapore scored against us (remember?) but our players cannot deliver it a goal. That was it in the first half.

In the second half,all hope of 15000 spectators in Shah Alam stadium as well as many at homes were expecting stronger display from the Tigers but it was Vietnam who extended their lead just 3 minutes second half was started. The goal made Malaysia coach Rajagopal immediate substitution by bringing S.Kunanlan, Baddrol Bakhtiar and Safee Sali. Even though their inclusion looked has had balanced the game, the goal was yet to come until the last whistle was blown.

Malaysia 0 and 2 to Vietnam.
The only bright side of this game was we still have time to improve our game standard.
The date is coming near and Rajagobal should already finalise his player to get gel of all players he selected for AFF likewise Vietnam did which obviously seen when they have even had players name and jersey number on their shirts.

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